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The Importance of Men’s Health Care

As a man, it can be difficult to keep up with our physical look and health. It’s not that men are less attentive of our looks than women (of course, sometimes it is), but to men, looks just aren’t up there on the list of to do’s. But, actually, it should be. Not only does looking good improve our self esteem and help us get chicks, but also, career and professional opportunities rarely come to those who are filthy. It’s just how the world works. But, we shouldn’t be upset about it – instead, we should use it to our advantage. So, here is a quick list of men’s health care tips every man should fit into their routine.

Mens shaving accessories are bathroom musts. Shaving cream, trimmers, electric razors, even straight edge razors can make any man look good in minutes. But, a man doesn’t need to completely shave all of his facial hair every day. Staying trimmed and keeping facial hair looking well kept is all it really takes. Professionally, employers would rather not promote their employees as shaggy, but shaping the shagginess with say, tweezers and razors and by removing the lonely rogue hairs that spring up in certain areas like underneath the chin and sometimes on the cheeks shows people that you care about your looks. And, in essence, that’s what really matters when it comes to health care and looks. You want people to know that you take the time to stay clean, healthy and looking sharp. Now, any employer wouldn’t mind that from their employee.

Have you ever wondered how a business that focuses solely on people’s hair and nails can be successful? Well, it’s because the health and look of a person’s hair and nails are more than just something people do for fun. It’s important in society: beauty, self esteem, good attitudes and professionalism. People, sometimes unconsciously, judge a person by their hair and nails and there’s nothing really wrong with that. When we accept this as just something people notice we can use it to our advantage and to accomplish our goals in society as well as meet people who will help get us there.

When it comes to our hair, a hair salon, a favorite barber or even experimental self trimming is all it really takes. But, when it comes to nails, there are certain things all men should know. First, don’t cut your nails too short. Ingrown nails hurt and they can grow in and look awkward. Getting too obsessive with your nails can often times lead to ingrown nails as well – so, take it easy and care for your nails. Next, cut your nails straight across. Don’t try to shape them in curves. Shaping nails can also lead to awkward growth and ingrown nails. Here’s another tip, clean your nails each time you take a shower. Of course, soap and water can’t fully remove dirt and grime embedded in your nails. So, purchase a small semi-tough bristled brush to use for your nails. You might want to by one for your hands and another for your toes to avoid cross contamination. What’s the point of having clean finger nails if they’re going to smell like your feet?

So, for all you men out there, take the time to keep your hair trimmed and your nails clean. Making health and cleanliness a daily habit says a lot and people do notice. You never know, some day that right person (or persons) will notice and you’re entire life can be transformed. Might sound off the wall, but it’s always an accumulation of the little things that make the big changes.

June 24, 2013

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