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The Art of Shaving in Boston

Shaving is more than running the razor over the skin. Without taking proper care, skin can be damaged. Attacking the hair on the face to remove it can also damage hair follicles. Teens start shaving at an early age because it makes them feel more grown up. As long as society dictates a clean look, growing beards that cover the face is a personal preference that elicits comments–many negative. For most men in the work force, a clean-shaven face is much more acceptable of business norms. Since shaving is something most men do every day, it is important to do so in a manner that is healthy for the skin. That’s when shaving moves from a chore to the art of shaving in Boston.

What Makes a Difficult Shave
Many believe that a shave is difficult or simple depending upon the hair itself. They believe the courser the hair follicle, the more difficult the shave. Inversely, they believe finer hair follicles makes shaving easier. Neither is correct. The ease or difficulty of a shave depends upon the condition of the skin.

Make it Sharp
Whatever is used to shave the face whether a straight, safety or an electric razor, it is important that the blades are sharp. Use new, fresh blades in a straight razor or, with disposables, use a new one every shave. With an electric razor, clean on every use and sharpen regularly.

Remove Natural Oils
The skin has a natural protective oil on the surface. Before shaving, a man should wash his face thoroughly in hot water to remove the oil. This is the first step in preparing the skin for the shaver. A hot towel also helps prepare the skin, but is not absolutely necessary.

Protect Against Razor Burn
A drop of two of shaving oil rubbed into the skin takes only a moment and helps set up the hair follicles for the shave. This oil is specially formulated and helps prevent shaving burn. It is not left on, so it does not become a problem for those with naturally oily skin. While any brand will do, oil from natural ingredients is, overall, best for the skin.

Add Shaving Cream
Shaving cream is the next step in the art of shaving in Boston. While this can be applied by hand, using a brush has the added benefit of lifting the hair follicles. Shaving cream, especially when applied with a shaving brush exfoliates and helps the soap penetrate the skin.

The Shave
It is now time for the actual shave. Check the way the hair lies and shave with the lay of the hair, not against it from one side to the other. Afterward, rinse gently and finish with an alcohol-based product to prevent infection.

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