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Statistics on Disappearing Honey Bees

Bees Free has come up with a great info graphic that presents some startling statistics on honey bee disappearances.

A few years after the turn of the century in 2006 farmers started realizing that some bees were abandoning their hives. This graphic presents some of the startling numbers being reported about bee disappearances and what is happening as a result, which is the effect it’s having on some of our food sources. Since bees are vital in food growth, because of their help with pollination, it would be impossible for some of our fruits, vegetables, and grains to thrive.

Not only does this graphic portray the info on disappearing honeys bees, but it also has a lot of great suggestions for what you can do to help save the bees. Take a look below at how you can help!

How Dying Bees Affects Food Supply

November 9, 2012

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