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Sell Your Home Faster, Stage it Well

You are finding yourself at a time where you are ready to put your home up on the market to sell. You want to accentuate the good of your home and downplay any negative features that your home might have.

First thing you’ll want to do when staging your home to sell is to rid your home of clutter. If something new comes into your home, something old has to leave in order to keep the clutter to a minimum. Something that can create a look of clutter is too much furniture. You may consider putting your own furniture into storage and getting a few pieces that look really nice in the space. One great option of furniture to look at is French Heritage Furniture found at Boyles. The brand was started in 1981 and it creates heirloom furniture with medieval and renaissance inspiration. You will find that their pieces are beautiful and truly a work of art. Move furniture around and play with different looks until you find something you really like and that is most aesthetically pleasing.

Second thing you’ll want to do when staging your home to sell is to focus on lighting. Lighting is so important to any look of a home. It can make it feel warm and inviting, or dark and cold. Simply by increasing the wattage in your lamps and light fixtures throughout the home you can accomplish more light in a quick and easy manner. You want to make sure your home has ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. I know I personally feel much more at peace in a home that is well lit. There’s just something that is much more inviting to the feel when it is well lit with warmth light.

Third thing you’ll want to do when staging your home to sell is to make the rooms seem bigger than they really are. One way to accomplish this task is to paint rooms that are adjoining the same color. This will connect the two rooms and make them seem bigger. Another tip you can try is to paint the walls of a room the same color as the drapery on the windows in the room. This small change will provide a seamless and sophisticated look for your room.

Fourth thing you will want to do when staging your home to sell is to downplay any outdated finishes that might be in your home. One easy way to accomplish this is to paint a living room that has outdated finishes a neutral color. This will help to have the walls blend into the finishes. Some great neutral colors include beige, warm tans, and even soft blue-green colors. These colors have better place in larger spaces such as hallways, living rooms, family rooms, etc.

Fifth and final thing you will want to do when staging your home to sell is to experiment with color in smaller rooms for dramatic effect. Perhaps use a fun color in a powder room, kitchen or bedroom. Using a more dramatic color can make the space feel more intimate and can be fun. If painting the whole room is too extreme for you, then simply try an accent wall. I know in one of our houses growing up we had a vibrant red kitchen and it was so cheerful and fun.

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