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Green Roofing Ideas

One of the major problems the world face today is global warming. On a daily basis, trees are cut off by the thousands, landfills grow into mountainous sizes, wildlife reservations are becoming thinner, and air/water pollution thickens. To battle the effects of global warming, society has now turned to greener alternatives, one of which is through green roofs. Here are some ideas to help you get started with setting up a green roof design.

Vegetated roofing. One of the more popular green roofing ideas driving excitement in communities today is planting a garden atop the roof. For people who are looking for a simpler and easier means of participating in this “Go Green” agenda. Now, from an average Joe’s perspective, you may be wondering if a project of such scale can be completed without professional aid or putting tons of investment on it. Green Paks are the way to go for dedicated do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Green Paks is a combination of advance engineered nutrient-rich soil. You can also choose a pre-seeded package to suit your location’s environment conditions.

Finding the perfect plant is critical to a successful green roof. Classic green roof designs integrated popular grasses and greens irrespective of the housing location. Homeowners can hire a horticulturalist to work on the task. These professionals have considerable experience and knowledge when it comes to proper plant selection.

A rain guard is another idea conceived with green roofing alternatives in mind. Many green roofing companies are streamlining on solidifying drainage and runoff containment networks on rooftops. Rain guards were designed to keep rainfall available on vegetated roofs so that it becomes beneficial to the soil and plants rather than merely flowing through the gutters and down the drain.

Engineered soil is not a regular product you can find on your local marketplace. This nascent green alternative for ordinary soil was designed to replace the originally massive amounts of soil that were used to guarantee plants would take root and grow. Unfortunately, regular soil was too heavy to be placed atop roofs. Engineered soil, on the other hand, is rich in climate-oriented nutrients hence only less amounts of soil is required to get the same outcome.

Transparent solar cells were also conceived to replace present demanding solar shingles. Solar silicon cells are designed to be very thin and are actually transparent. These cells can be attached into apertures to produce energy while still enabling light to enter the home.

Before making any changes to your household or building, make sure to consult a professional Shelton roofing contractor. They can suggest the best possible roofing materials that suit your area’s environmental factors including weather conditions and climate temperatures.

June 26, 2013

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