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Creating an Energy Efficient Home

Green energy is a common topic in today’s world. However, many of the techniques discussed to reduce a carbon footprint are expensive or impractical. Fortunately, there are ways to update a home that will actually save the homeowner money. A few techniques are all that are needed to bring a home into the modern world.

The first item on the energy efficiency menu is the appliances. Older appliances simply aren’t very efficient. While it may not be practical to replace them before they fail, they should be replaced rather than repaired. The additional cost will pay for itself in increased ability and reduced energy costs. Many electricity companies offer free or inexpensive energy evaluations, that can instruct the homeowner in which appliances need to be replaced first.

A second area of concern is windows. Older windows can develop leaks and use fewer panes of glass, which reduces efficiency. Again, replacing all the windows at once can be a major expense. Whenever it is time for a remodel, window replacement should be strongly considered. Before that happens, energy waste can be reduced by sealing leaks and using insulating curtains. This will help keep warm and cool air on the correct side of the glass, reducing HVAC costs, and therefor energy usage.

In the same vein as windows, doors can be an area of energy loss. Entry doors Salt Lake City need to be able to handle a wide range of temperatures. Choosing the right door can be difficult for this reason. Unlike windows, additional curtains, caulk or plastic cannot be added in order to increase efficiency. All these methods would prevent the door from actually being used. Instead, the door just needs to fit securely no matter the weather. In addition, it is important to consider other features, such as security.

I final element of energy efficiency is small items like lighting and water usage. These changes are quick and easy, and can be completed immediately. Light bulbs should be changed out for energy efficient compact fluorescents. Shower heads can be changes for lower water usage versions. Toilets and faucets can also be exchanged for more water efficient models. These investments pay for themselves pretty quickly, so there is no reason to wait. In addition, many communities may offer rebates to encourage homeowners to change to better home appliances.

Creating a more efficient home does not have to include a complete overhaul right away. Small items can be changed immediately, while larger ones can be purchased along with other projects. This strategy will maximize the return on investment, and help a home become greener in one step.

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