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Grooming: A Man’s Best Friend

Many people only see what their eyes allow them to, so visual cues are very important. If a man does not groom himself, this might give off a negative vibe. Grooming oneself is not something to be taken lightly; it requires some skill, and it should because refinement is not something achieved easily.

Grooming one’s beard is one of the most important tasks a man should know how to do because facial hair can be relentless. One of the first things a man should do before shaving is perhaps the most natural thing: understand your furry acquaintance. A man should notice the pattern his beard grows in; there are usually a number of patterns associated with each man. Sideburns, for example, tend to grow downward and towards the middle of the face, while a moustache tends to grow downward but away from the middle of the face.

What do you need to properly shave? The tools are simple, but the art is enjoyable. The art of shaving tips cannot be complete without the tools, which include a good blade, shaving cream, a shaving brush and after-shave. The tools you choose will determine your finished work of art. When it comes to the art of shaving tips, purchasing high quality tools is very important. A blade of poor-quality can cause damage to your skin. It can make it feel scratchy, and it can also bestow razor burns or a rash.

One of the first things you need to worry about when you are preparing to shave is that your beard is damp. Hair is quite the little soldier, and if your beard is not damp, then it will be hard to shave. Thankfully, your beard has a weakness. It cannot resist the sweet taste of moisture and water, which is why it absorbs about 30% of it. After you do this, go ahead and apply shaving cream. As a rule of thumb, the less foaming action the shaving cream gives off, the better. This will give you a desirable end result. After applying the shaving cream, you want to take your shaving brush and lather. The result you want here is smooth and creamy.

In order to achieve the best possible shave, it is always important to shave in the direction that your beard is growing. The technique of grooming and shaving can be somewhat different, depending on the man, but the core remains the same. You should shave in the direction of growth. If you want a closer shave, then just apply the creamy shaving cream and try again, but it is wise to stop after the second time.

It is important to clean your face with a good face wash afterwards, preferably a face wash that includes tea tree oil and witch hazel. Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic, and witch hazel can heal your skin. This is something you need, since most shaving sessions shave off your beard and one to two layers of skin as well. Moisturize with a good after-shave, which is there to give a little moisture and will sooth your recently shaven skin.

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The Art of Shaving in Boston

Shaving is more than running the razor over the skin. Without taking proper care, skin can be damaged. Attacking the hair on the face to remove it can also damage hair follicles. Teens start shaving at an early age because it makes them feel more grown up. As long as society dictates a clean look, growing beards that cover the face is a personal preference that elicits comments–many negative. For most men in the work force, a clean-shaven face is much more acceptable of business norms. Since shaving is something most men do every day, it is important to do so in a manner that is healthy for the skin. That’s when shaving moves from a chore to the art of shaving in Boston.

What Makes a Difficult Shave
Many believe that a shave is difficult or simple depending upon the hair itself. They believe the courser the hair follicle, the more difficult the shave. Inversely, they believe finer hair follicles makes shaving easier. Neither is correct. The ease or difficulty of a shave depends upon the condition of the skin.

Make it Sharp
Whatever is used to shave the face whether a straight, safety or an electric razor, it is important that the blades are sharp. Use new, fresh blades in a straight razor or, with disposables, use a new one every shave. With an electric razor, clean on every use and sharpen regularly.

Remove Natural Oils
The skin has a natural protective oil on the surface. Before shaving, a man should wash his face thoroughly in hot water to remove the oil. This is the first step in preparing the skin for the shaver. A hot towel also helps prepare the skin, but is not absolutely necessary.

Protect Against Razor Burn
A drop of two of shaving oil rubbed into the skin takes only a moment and helps set up the hair follicles for the shave. This oil is specially formulated and helps prevent shaving burn. It is not left on, so it does not become a problem for those with naturally oily skin. While any brand will do, oil from natural ingredients is, overall, best for the skin.

Add Shaving Cream
Shaving cream is the next step in the art of shaving in Boston. While this can be applied by hand, using a brush has the added benefit of lifting the hair follicles. Shaving cream, especially when applied with a shaving brush exfoliates and helps the soap penetrate the skin.

The Shave
It is now time for the actual shave. Check the way the hair lies and shave with the lay of the hair, not against it from one side to the other. Afterward, rinse gently and finish with an alcohol-based product to prevent infection.

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Being on the Go While Keeping a Perfect Shave

Sometimes it is a challenge to take all of your routine skin and shave supplies with you while you are away from home. There are numerous reasons why you are away from your home, like traveling with work, vacations, staying the night at your girlfriends or you are getting ready at the gym after a morning workout. Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to get ready and be prepared for the day like you unusually do. It is important to look your best, when you don’t feel like you look your best it affects the way you feel and your confidence. So how do you take your typical morning routine with you? With the Art of Shaving Travel Kit you will have everything you need to have that perfect shave away from home.

What is included in the Art of Shaving Travel Kit?

  • A sleek, water proof travel kit.
  • Pre-shave oil, the kit comes with one 1 oz. bottle of pre-shave oil. This oil is perfect for conditioned and softening the hair and skin to help promote a close and clean shave. Just simply rub a small amount of oil into your hands and apply it to your face.
  • Shaving cream in a 1.5 oz. bottle, shaving cream is important to get the closest shave possible while avoiding skin irritations like razor burn and nicks. To apply shaving cream it is best to either shave while in a hot shower or afterwards, the heat help to lather and get the best shave possible.
  • After-Shave Balm in a 1 oz. bottle, after each shave apply the balm to your face and neck to help replenish and nourish your skin after your shave.
  • A Pure Badger Travel Shaving Brush, which will help prepare your hair and skin for shaving by increasing the lather, gently exfoliates and lathers up all the hair for the best shave.

Other traveling kits that are great for on the go with your travel kit or at home include:

  • 3 or 7 piece manicure set
  • A black leather razor pouch
  • DOPP kit, which is a larger kit for your shaving needs.


The Art of Shaving traveling kit comes in a variety of scents and brushes. Once you run out and need replacements there is a variety of sections to choose from. Travel sized products are also great for experimenting with difference scents and products before purchasing a regular sized one. Other benefits of ordering travel sized products are not just when away from home but to keep your favorite products at the office, or in your gym bag. Travel sized kits and products are also great gifts for your friends and family members for holidays and birthdays.

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